The Agoro Lab: Redox Systems Biology Laboratory

The Agoro lab uses systems biology approaches to determine how iron-driven kidney oxidative stress influences FGF23-mediated phosphate excretion in aging, chronic kidney disease and sickle cell anemia.



In aged or diseased states, changes in cellular iron metabolism occur in the kidney driving therefore oxidative stress and renal function impairment. One consequence is the decrease of the ability of the kidney to get rid of phosphate from the blood and thus the body could not prevent detrimental outcomes such as vascular calcification. Our lab is dedicated to study the mechanisms associated with renal iron handling during physiological and pathological states and how these mechanisms influence the kidney ability to excrete phosphate.

Lab News:
6/17/2024: We are growing! Welcome Yueh-Ting to the Team!
4/12/2024: We are looking forward to welcome Emily to our lab and who will participate to the Summer Student Program at JAX!
3/7/2024: It was a great experience visiting the Maine Health Institute of Research for a seminar!
1/28/2024 – 2/2/2023: It was a great experience attending the 2024 Bones and Teeth GRC in Galveston and presenting our research!
11/1/2023: We will be giving a talk at the 2024 Gordon Research Conference Bones and Teeth meeting in January!


9/11/2023: We are thrilled to welcome Channing Weber to our lab! Welcome to the team!


8/28/2023: The Agoro lab is open for business! We have several open positions. Join Us at JAX!


8/19/2023: We are excited to receive the R00 notification of award from the NIH-NIDDK! Looking forward to this project!